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Diet for Healthy Hair Growth

To have healthy hair we should have a healthy disease-free body and to remain healthy we shall have a healthy diet. A healthy diet means a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Hair is 97 % protein. The daily requirement of protein is 0.7 gm per kilogram per day so a normal person should consume 50 to 60 grams of protein per day.

We advise very simple diet for healthy hair is “two bowls of dal (pulse), one glass milk, one bowl curd, and “Jiggery”. As Indian diet is having high pesticides in it so more than 90% population is suffering from various vitamin deficiencies. More than 90% young females are suffering from iron (ferritin) deficiency. And to correct severe deficiencies sometimes injectable vitamins and iron are advised by best doctors So a properly balanced diet with vitamin and nutrient supplements and a good amount of protein are needed for healthy hair growth.

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Before Hair Transplant Care

Once your hair transplant date has been planned you must follow all the instruction given and get done your blood test as advised. The most important thing is that you must inform your doctor about your any disease any medicines, blood pressure and diabetes. Usually, we advise blood tests like CBC, BLOOD SUGAR, HIV, AUSTRALIA ANTIGEN, SGOT, AND SGPT. We advise some antibiotic a day before and on the day of hair transplant. The patient should leave his all valuable like gold chain etc.

A night before you should have good sleep, avoid party and alcohol. Morning you take your routine breakfast and any medicines as per the advice of your doctor. Try to reach in time. In case of any confusion, you must call your hair transplant centre. Just to highlight you must inform your doctor if you have any disease and any medicines you are taking.

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Hair Loss Details

Now day’s hair loss is becoming a major social problem in our society. Unfortunately, the younger population is suffering most. The most common cause of hair loss in a male is hormone and genetic and in female mainly genetic as well as hormone. The important cause in today’s modern era is pollution, food adulteration (high amount of pesticides in food) and stress. Our diet concept is also defective. We consume more calorie diet than nutritive diet. At Rejuvenate hair transplant centre two studies were conducted. One study was related to hair loss in relation to profession. It was found that maximum (26%) hair loss was in doctors, engineers and professionals. The hair loss was very less in labour class (5%) and not a single bagger was found bald. This study proves that hair loss is directly linked to stress. Another study was for vitamin level in patients with hair loss. The vitamin deficiency was found in more than 90% of patients which was of the severe grade. In more than 95% young female ferritin was deficient. So we can say we almost all are suffering from some or other vitamin deficiency. Another defect in our diet is a protein deficiency. At rejuvenate hair transplant centre we have designed a “REJUVENATE HAIR REGIME / RHR”.

We treat hair loss for men and hair loss for women on four levels. The first level is to treat stress, the second level is diet modification, the third level is vitamin, minoxidil and for male finasteride. The fourth level is PRP and low light laser therapy. Results of RHR comes in 4 to 6 months.

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After Hair Transplant Care

After hair transplant how you take precautions in details. Here Dr. Anil k Garg best hair transplant surgeon explains everything after hair transplant what should you do and what should you not do. Watch the full video for getting all information.

At Rejuvenate hair transplant centre detail instructions are given after hair transplant. They provide video and written instructions also. The first-day patient shall sleep keeping back side of his head on a small soft pillow. Avoid long sitting and working on laptop on the first day only. From next day he can resume his normal activity and can use cap. Other instructions are-

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PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

PRP with stem cells (stromal vascular factor SVF) for treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia

Regenerative therapies using high density PRP and SVF are novel treatment modalities.

The potential use of adult stem/ stromal cells for providing separative and healing cells, and tissues for cell- based therapies is enormous. Cell- based therapies include treatment protocol in which stem/ stromal cells may be induced by their environment (niche) to differentiate into specific cell types required to repair damage cells or tissues or provide chemical signaling (Paracrine) to accomplish wound site or tissue regeneration. Many cell- based therapies use fundamental pathways and are used in homeostasis and repair of cells and tissues. There are numerous clinical reports and monitored trails already in place. These studies have emerged with an excellent record in regard to patient safety and clinical efficacy. These studies utilize adult derived melancholy stem / stromal cells (MSCs) which are found in essentially all vascularized tissues. In particularly, MSCs are found in high numbers in the body’s largest micro vascular structure i.e. adipose tissue. The adult adipose- derived stromal tissue complex contains multi potent   heterogeneous cellular population that has been demonstrated to influence undifferentiated stromal cells and precipitate cellular activation, proliferation and regeneration at “site specific’ region or “niche”. Existing research on the use of adipose- derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and its effect on hair growth is not fully understood or elucidated. Current opinion within the adipose stem /stromal cell science societies is the micro environment (niche) of the follicles may be influenced by bio cellular products and the adipose- derived tissue stromal complex.

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