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Different Between FUT and FUE

FUT there is a linear long cut is given on the back side of the head to harvest a skin strip. The wound is closed with sutures. After healing there is a long liner cut which is covered by adjacent hair. This scar will show after shaving. FUE means follicular unit transplant in which individual hair follicles are harvested without giving any linear cut and no suture is put after surgery. There is a circular punch which is mounted on the motorized handle. The head is completely shaved. After giving local anaesthesia grafts are harvested.

The general population does not like a long linear scar and they feel it is a surgery or operation in which head is cut. So more or less it is a fear factor

As far as technical aspect is a concern the FUE done by the untrained surgeon than chances of follicle damage is much more as compared to FUT. But much of work is done by an assistant in FUT so it is very important to have a well-trained assistant for FUT. The harvesting of follicles in FUE and strip harvesting in FUT is done by the surgeon and also surgeon makes slits while implantation is done by assistants. In both a good trained qualified surgeon and assistants are mandatory.

Chances of scar widening, hypertrophic scar painful scar is there in FUT while chances of these are much less if done properly.

If multiple strips to cover large bald area is done than the total time consumed is much longer in FUT because of the time interval between two surgery one year while in FUE only two months.

FUE surgeon can take hair follicles from a beard, chest and other body area but by FUT we cannot take hair follicles from another body area.

FUT needs mo ber of assistant, large OT set up and more trained technicians while FUE is mainly surgeon based technique and surgeon extract grafts. While in FUT assistants do processing of grafts means slivering and follicles dissections.

FUT seems to be more invasive procedure while FUE is less.

The Final Outcome in Terms of Hair Growth is Same in Both Techniques.

It is very important that FUT and FUE both shall be done by well trained and qualified surgeon and a team of technicians in standards operative conditions taking all aseptic precautions.

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How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic

The biggest question in the mind of a person to go for the hair transplant is to whom I should go for hair transplant, who is the best hair transplant surgeon and which is the best hair transplant clinic?

How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic - Rejuvenate Hair Transplant


To choose best hair transplant clinic one should look for the following points-

1) Whether the operating surgeon is well – qualified hair transplant surgeon, what is his degree, Is he has any recognized training in the hair restoration.

For doing hair transplant a doctor should be MBBS along with specialization in the field of surgery. For example Plastic surgeons and dermatosurgeons. Diplomats of the American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) is the most specific certification a doctor can have. You should also look for the experience of the surgeon and see that how many surgeries a doctor is performing in a month. Whether hair transplant is his main domain of practice or he is doing it occasionally along with other surgeries. Also look for the reviews of the patients operated by the doctor.

2) Second important question to look for best hair transplant clinic is — whether the clinic is well equipped to deal with all emergency conditions. Automated External Defibrillator and all other equipment and emergency medicines should be there to deal with any emergency condition.

3) Hair Transplant is a teamwork – Technicians are the important parts of the team of hair transplant unit. The surgeon usually does extraction of follicle and technicians do implantation of the follicles. You should inquire about the staff of the hair transplant clinic whether they are trained enough, full-timer or not.The result of hair transplant also depends upon the dedication of a technician.

4) Enquire about how they are charging – Charges must be per graft. If somebody is using the term unlimited hair transplant it is not possible to make it sure how many grafts and how much area will be covered.

5) Also look for the technique by which hair transplant will be done – Both FUT and FUE are a good technique in the hand of an expert surgeon but FUE is a blind procedure it is more surgeon dependent if a surgeon is not trained enough in FUE extraction chances of follicle damage increases and the result will suffer.

In FUT Follicle dissection is done under a microscope by technicians so it is more dependent on the trained technicians. If they damage follicle during dissection result will suffer.

Whatever may be the technique a best hair transplant clinic and surgeon should be capable of doing both the technique with equal efficiency and result.

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What is Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Success Rate

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplant Surgery?

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure to restore natural hair back on the bald area of scalp. It is also done for reconstruction of beard, moustache and pubic hair. The hair roots are taken from the back side of head (occipital area), this is the permanent or safe zone from where hair do not fall as they are not having receptors for androgen. When we transplant these hair roots in the front area of scalp they do not change their nature and are permanent. If a person is of higher grade of baldness (Norwood grade VI and VII) he may need some extra donor source other than scalp to cover his bald area, here Beard and chest is taken as a donor source.

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Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant step

Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is becoming very popular technique the reason being baldness is very common especially in young individuals. Now FUE hair transplant technique is becoming very popular because there is no linear cut and no suture is put after surgery. Previously Follicle unit transplant was commonly done in which a large linear cut is given to harvest a skin strip. After the strip harvesting sutures are used to close the area. This is also safe procedure but people do not like because of cut and suture.

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Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which usually takes 6-8 hours. This duration depends upon following factors-

  • The expertise of the surgeon and operating team.
  • The number of follicles (hair roots or grafts) to be transplanted.
  • Quality and site of Donor area.
  • Repeat Hair Transplant.
  • Technique – FUT/FUE.

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Myths about Hair Transplant

Myths about Hair Transplant

Rejuvenate hair transplant centre believes in clearing all doubts in the mind of a person who is going for Hair transplant. Some common myths about hair transplant are –

1) Why is hair transplant a better option for baldness?

To get natural hair back hair transplant is the best option, It is cost effective and requires no maintenance. various problems faced by the persons using wig or patch and they require maintenance also.The biggest advantage of hair transplant is you can get natural hair with good density and they are permanent in nature.Nowadays FUE is gaining popularity and we can harvest body hair grafts also by this method, beard and chest are the preferred sites after scalping for body we can say that a large number of grafts can be taken and this makes it possible to get a good result even in grade VII patient.

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Why FUT hair transplant should be preferred over FUE hair transplant in young age

Why FUT hair transplant should be preferred over FUE hair transplant in young age

Rejuvenate hair transplant center Indore is one of those few hair transplant center in India, where both FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant is done with equal good result. Rather this center is specialized in doing mega and giga sessions of more than 5000 grafts by combination of FUT, FUE and body hair transplant.

But the biggest question in the mind of every person going for hair transplant is “what method should be preferred and why, especially in a young patient with advanced grade of baldness”.

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Can Hair Transplant give natural look

Can Hair Transplant Give Natural Look?

Hair transplant is a procedure where we transplant hair roots from donor area to the area where there is baldness. These hair roots may have one to four hairs. Implantation of the roots must follow a natural pattern. Creation of Hairline is most important. It may be called as a signature of hair transplant surgeon. Hairline should be placed according to the age of the patient. Too low hairline gives a transplanted look. Also low hairline will remain to be there for lifelong, as we transplant permanent hair here. So as age increases this will hair transplant results in an odd look.

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Powered Hair Transplant

FUT Result in a 27-year-old patient of 3500 grafts just after 7 Months 10 days

Here we are presenting a happy patient with the result of Powered Hair Transplant (PHT) –

PHT Case History

– A young patient of age 27 years from Indore (MP) was on the medical treatment since last 2 years. He was grade IV with a large area of baldness in vertex area. He wants hair transplant for the front as well as a vertex in the single sitting. On examination, he has good donor area with the density of 92 grafts per square centimetre. His laxity is also good. So we decide to take 3500 grafts by FUT.

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