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First Step to Hair Transplant

First Step to Hair Transplant

First Step to Hair Transplant, In last few years there is a tremendous increase in awareness about hair transplant in India, at the same time news papers, magazines; web sites hoardings are full of advertisement about the growing number of hair transplant units and various hair growth medicines, oils etc. All make lots of claims about their success.

Consumer is very much confused about what to follow. Internet is biphasic it gives lots of information but at the same time it is difficult to trust that abundant information.
We need to analyse them intelligently and formulate our views on the basis of some criteria.

So you should know..
  • SURGEON — Academic qualification, His medical degrees are recognised by state medical council or board certified.
  • TECHNIQUE OF HAIR TRANSPLANT—-What technique he usually does and his experience of that technique.
  • TRANSPLANT UNIT — If he uses Follicle dissection technique, then does he use magnification for follicle dissection? Is follicle dissecting team experienced enough? Who is implanting follicles? Use of magnification loupe is recommended while implanting follicles. Now it is gold standard to dissect follicles under magnification to prevent micro damage to follicles. Does his unit have air conditioners to maintain low room temperature? Does his unit have power back up in case of electricity failure? Cool temperatures is mandatory for hair follicles otherwise damage to precious follicles takes place. Is his unit equipped to manage any unwanted emergency situations?
  • CHARGES — Charges are per hair or per hair follicle units or per square inches. Also enquire about the density of transplanted hair.
  • MEDICAL TREATMENT OF HAIR LOSS –Does he treat your hair loss by medicines? Enquire about any or all side effects of medicines. What is the rational of his medicines? YOU SHALL KNOW NAME OF MEDICINES HE IS GIVING. (By law, the physician has to tell you the name of medicine and its side effect etc)

First Step to Hair Transplant

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