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What is hair transplant?

This is a surgical procedure to transfer hair from one area to another body area .

Is this is a surgery?


How risky is this?

No risk involves in this procedure. (Complications can occur very rarely)

For how many days person is admitted?

This is an out door procedure and person goes home on same day. This is like drive in and drive out.


What anaesthesia is given?

This is done under local anaesthesia.

Is this very painful?

No .Only slight pain while injecting local anaesthesia. (Pain of prick of needle). After surgery there is slight pain which is treated by pain killer tablets.

Can I cut my transplanted hair?

Yes you can cut them and wash as you do routinely.

When transplanted hair start growing?

Hair start growing after four months of transplant.

What are precautions after hair transplant?

usually no specific precaution to be taken. You can take bathe after three days with plain water .You shall not rub transplanted area with towel till 10 days. Avoid heavy exercise (workout) for two weeks.

How much rest is needed?

usually no rest is required. If you are doing field work then you can take one day rest but if your work is confined to office then on very next day you can resume your job.

Do transplanted hair fall?

Transplanted hairs are permanent and they do not fall with the effect of hormone.

What is the role of medicines?

Medicines have four roles to play.1control of hair loss. 2. Increase in thickness of hair. 3. Baby hair (villus) is converted to thick adult hair. 4. Some of follicles which are inactive (sleeping) but not yet dead start growing hair.

When medicines can do so much then why there is need of hair transplant?

medicines do not work in total bald area of scalp. In bald area hair transplant is needed.

I am confused between medicines and transplant, please clear?

Medicines are to control of ongoing hair loss while hair transplant is to replace lost hair. Both are complimentary to each other.

Can we take hair from another body area?

Yes we can take hair from any part of body area.

Can hair be taken from another person?

No, we can not take hair from another person.

What is difference between hair and hair follicle unit?

Hair are what we see out side the skin. But follicle units are roots of hair which are in group. One follicle unit may have single hair to four hair. So roughly we can take follicle to hair ratio as 1: 2. Discuss this issue with your surgeon very clearly.

How many hair follicles I need for my bald area to cover? Do I have sufficient donor supply?

Even with the highest degree of male pattern alopecia (VII degree), there are 10 to 12 thousand follicular units left on the back of the head and behind the ears. Out of them, 6000 to 8000 follicular units can be taken for transplantation during one or several procedures. This amount of follicular units is sufficient for coverage of bald area of any size. Amount needed for achievement of certain cosmetic effect in individual patient is being determined during face-to-face consultation. The result depends on the structure of hair (diameter, colour, straightness etc.) rather than on the number of follicular units. Patients can determine approximate number of grafts they need to achieve good results according to the schem


Is there any problem immediately after transplant ?

After hair transplant one may feel slight pain, swelling & itchy scalp for few days only.These can be easily treated with simple medicines.

What are side effects of hair transplant?

As such there is no side effects of  hair transplant.

At what age hair transplant can be done?

Age is no contraindication of hair transplant.

Is it necessary to take medicines after hair transplant?

Not necessary, but advisable, to control hair loss of your non transplanted hair.

How do you charge?

We charge as per number of follicles. For simple understanding charges are per hair. On average one follicle means two hairs. (Discuss this issue clearly with your surgeon. Some surgeon charge as per hair / per follicle / per square cm area.)

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