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Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant step

Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant

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Hair transplant is becoming very popular technique the reason being baldness is very common especially in young individuals. Now FUE hair transplant technique is becoming very popular because there is no linear cut and no suture is put after surgery. Previously Follicle unit transplant was commonly done in which a large linear cut is given to harvest a skin strip. After the strip harvesting sutures are used to close the area. This is also safe procedure but people do not like because of cut and suture.

Another most recent advance is body hair transplant to head commonly called as BHT. In this hair follicles are harvested from scalp donor area by using FUE technique. Most commonly hair follicles are taken from beard, chest, abdomen and other parts of the body. Beard hair is thicker and gives the better effect of fullness. At Rejuvenate hair transplant BHT is very commonly done.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure - Rejuvenate Hair TransplantAdvanced Combo Techniques in Hair Transplant

another milestone in the field of hair restoration. In this two techniques of follicles, harvesting is done together example FUT with FUE or FUE from scalp and BHT. By combining two technique you can harvest a number of hair follicles to cover major baldness in one sitting.

Mega and Giga Session of Hair Transplant

Maga means a number of follicles in one sitting is more than 3000 hair follicles while Giga means follicles harvested are more than 4000 in number. This is effective to cover major baldness in one session.

Powerful Powered Hair Transplant

This is done at Rejuvenate hair transplant centre. In this hair follicles are kept in plasma before implantation and PRP are done during hair transplant for improving existing hair condition. In Power hair transplant hair growth is faster, hair is thicker and density of hair is also more as compare to routine hair transplant. At rejuvenate hair transplant every hair transplant is a power hair transplant and there is no extra cost for this.

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    Akash Shah

    Very Nice technique for Hair Transplant, everyone should try for Hair baldness. This is done at Rejuvenate hair transplant centre in Indore at sufficient costs.

    • Thanks, Mr. Akash Shah, if you any kind of information about hair transplant and techniques you can call us. We provide free Consultation on phone call, Email, Whatsapp, and Skype between 5 to 7 PM Monday to Saturday.

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    Thank You for sharing this information I really helpful. Nice explain about hair transplant techniques and hair transplant solution.

    • Thanks, Yashi, mostly we suggest to patient FUE Hair transplant because this is the painless and stitchless technique where patient never get problems in the head.

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    Shalini Nakshatra

    Very nice information shared you Dr Anil Garg, I don’t’ have information about hair transplant technique. I am getting knowledgeable information from your blog. I am from Punjab, I watch your YouTube videos, this is helpful for me. Thanks for sharing this precious information.

    • We happy to read our youtube channel and blogs. We are Thankful to share your experience here. If you any information about hair loss, and hair transplant related we are always ready to provide information on the phone call, Email, Whatsapp, and Skype between 5 to 7 PM Monday to Saturday.

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    Thanks a lot for this information, Much Needed

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    They must honourable look representing some specialised examples online. There is a countless of divergent useful info on the net go here these days really. I can also persuade you to judge out. It is a cold-hearted emotional attachment indeed.

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    Dr Sid Mirrafati

    Great ways to deal with badness and to get the more volume of hairs.

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