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Powered Hair Transplant (FUT) Result in a 27 year old patient of 3500 grafts

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Here we are presenting a happy patient with the result of Powered hair transplant

Case History –A young patient of age 27 years from Indore (MP) was on the medical treatment since last 2 years. He was grade IV with a large area of baldness in vertex area.

He wants hair transplant for the front as well as a vertex in the single sitting. On examination, he has good donor area with the density of 92 grafts per square centimetre. His laxity is also good. So we decide to take 3500 grafts by FUT.


Surgery done under local Anaesthesia, PRP is also done and grafts were placed in the plasma to provide them biological atmosphere.

Surgery went uneventful and he is discharged in the evening on the same day. Post-operative period was comfortable. We use post-op ropivacaine block in the sutured area to reduce discomfort in the immediate post-operative period.


We took regular follow-up of the patient after 24 hours, 10 days, 1 month, 3month, 6month and so on.

A patient comes to us with a smile on his face after 7 months 10 days as he is happy with the early hair transplant result, we all know that complete result may take 10 to 12 months so we expect even better for him.


You can compare photographs of the patient-preop, just after the operation and post-op results of powered hair transplant.

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    Hi Dr. Anil Garg, my name is Jason I am from South Africa, i have one query
    Is hair transplant a safe option? If it is, how much does a complete treatment cost in India?

    • mm
      Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Centre

      Hair Transplant is a safe procedure and it cost around 1200$ to 2500$ in India at our centre. For more information contact us – +91-9144444433 Mail –

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