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Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which usually takes 6-8 hours. This duration depends upon following factors-

  • Expertise of surgeon and operating team.
  • Number of follicles (hair roots or grafts) to be transplanted.
  • Quality and site of Donor area.
  • Repeat Hair Transplant.
  • Technique – FUT/FUE.

1) Expertise of surgeon and operating team

Most important factor deciding the duration of best hair transplant is the experience of the surgeon, His knowledge about the procedure & how frequently he is doing the procedure. Extraction of 1000 grafts can be done by a surgeon in 40 minutes to 1 hour if he is doing extraction routinely, but same number of grafts may take 2-3 hours if it is done by a novice surgeon or if he is doing hair transplant rarely.

A well-qualified surgeon extract graft faster and also with negligible transection rate so as to give good result of hair transplant.

Fully trained staff is equally important for surgery. Implantation is usually done by trained technician. If he is not aware of the method then damage to follicles may take place and simultaneously more time is required. Fully dedicated surgeon and his operating team will take less time and give best result of hair transplant

2) Number of follicles (hair roots or grafts) to be transplanted

More number of hair roots require more time. Mega sessions and giga sessions are done in two days with 6-7 hours in a day for surgery. In hands of experts 3000 grafts can be done in one day, If grade of baldness is IV. But if grade of baldness is more or person requires more coverage and density then it can be done in two sessions .

3) Quality and site of Donor area.

Good quality donor means hair roots with good density and thickness. If grafts are healthy less time will yield more result but if miniaturization of grafts is more then it will take more time. Site of donor also alter the time taken in the surgery. Usually scalp hair are best but beard hair are also good and less time consuming for extraction, but if chest hair is to be used as donor it will take more time. Again experience of surgeon is important factor here.

4) Repeat Hair Transplant

Previous scarring in the donor area may lead to fibrosis. It may cause excess oozing, make the skin tough and reduces density. These all factors may be responsible for increasing time of the surgery. In a previous FUT scar case it is easier to do FUE from the surrounding virgin area then in a previous FUE case.

5) Technique –FUT/FUE-

Technique of the hair transplant Whether FUT or FUE does not affect much the duration of the surgery if the operating team is trained in both technique. Previously it was said that FUE is more time consuming than FUT. But now a days FUT is more demanding as it requires more number of trained staff, Also surgeon and patients are preferring FUE. We can say that it is not the technique which decides time of the surgery but it is the surgeons expertise and staffs capability which is the main factor for deciding the duration of the hair transplant.

Rejuvenate perfect hair transplant centre is known for mega and giga sessions. The main advantage of this centre is two well qualified surgeons (ABHRS) extracting graft simultaneously so as to reduce the extraction time further. Team is well trained in FUT follicle dissection also. So it is one of the few centre in India where both FUE and FUT is done with equal good results.

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