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Dr Anil K Garg - Research Award National Conference of Plastic Surgeons of India

Dr Anil Garg – Indian Association of Plastic Surgeons of India

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Dr. Anil Kumar Garg has been awarded by most prestigious award by Indian Association of Plastic Surgeons of India during annual conference held recently at Kochi. This is called Dr. Sam See Boss Research award given to research scholar who does original research in field of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Garg has done research on

“Use of Autologous plasma as graft holding solution and its clinical efficacy.”

He did three years research on the human plasma and found the use of plasma as holding solution for hair follicles is highly beneficial and it increase hair growth and thickness after hair transplant.

This research was also awarded by association of hair transplant surgeons of India as best innovation award. Dr. Garg presented his work last year in International congress of international society of hair restoration surgeons held in Las Vegas. This year he was invited to present and teach his work in annual congress of international society of hair restoration surgeons in Prague.

Dr. Garg also organizes a Hair Restoration Session in APSICON 2017 at Kochi. In this session three days master class and one symposium on hair restoration was done by eminent hair restoration surgeons of India. This session was aimed to teach young plastic surgeons who wish to practice hair transplant. This event took place for the first time in APSICON with maximum number of attendee and marked as most successful master classes of APSICON.

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