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Some Important Fact About Hair Care 2017

Hair Care 2018

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Yes, Smoking Does Cause Hair Loss

Smokers may notice that the top layers of their hair are quite brittle. This causes them to break off before they are fully grown and is most likely because they are malnourished.

“This prevents the cells from carrying the right amounts of oxygen around your body. Ultimately, this will affect things like your hair as it is not being supplied with enough nutrients or fresh oxygen from the bloodstream.”

Smoking causes hair loss in two ways:

  • It reduces circulation to the extremities
  • It pollutes the blood, which impacts the liver

Does smoking cause hair loss
Research your hair loss problem, the treatments available and likely results. You will also find the world’s largest collection of hair loss success stories, featuring comments and before/during treatment photos of happy hair loss medical treatment users.


hair transplantation procedure the incisions are very small and less invasive than past procedures. This results in more rapid healing. Most patients feel fine within a day or  two following surgery,

Then back of the head has a shaved portion of donor’s hair, and the front and top will have little scabs and swelling– and these are pretty obvious for about 4-5 days

By a  week from surgery, a patient can be out and about, and no one should notice much– however people who know you well will notice a haircut difference if you shaved or cut the back short.   

The front grafted hairs are tiny and are not so noticeable until they grow in– this is good so you do not just show up with a full head of the hair on one day!

Hairs grow in over 6-9 months

Summer Hair Care

  • It is essential you cover your hair with a hat or a scarf during summers. This protects it from the harmful UV rays and it also helps in retaining moisture.
  • Keeping your hair in a loose hairstyle works wonders during the summer. It helps air out your locks and prevents the accumulation of sweat.
  • Don’t forget or skip conditioning; it helps de-frizz your hair during the humid season. Also, opt for deep conditioning at least once a week.

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    Vishal sharma

    I am a smoker men, I really don’t know about smoking losing my hair. I get advice by a doctor he suggest me this problem is smoking, I can’t believe smoking is really bad for hair. I am looking tips for hair this is good news for me. Thanks for sharing hair care tips.

    • We are thankful you Vishal to read our very important post. Today every young man is a smoker, we hope every person read this post and make healthy their life.

  2. Reply

    Yes ,smoking ciagrette does cause hair loss , on the other hand the worst part is on every cigarette you smoke you are reducing 10 minutes of your life !

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