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Scalp hair transplant by FUE using facial hair might be a great solution for the patients who have a mismatch of donor hair supply and recipient demand.  This is often seen in advanced stages of hair loss with very limited and poor quality donor hair. Men with male pattern baldness who have good quality donor hair usually have an adequate number of grafts to restore all or most of the balding areas.  However, when donor hair is fine with low density, extra grafts are required to fulfil the demand, Beard is very good option .Unlike scalp hair; beard hair is usually much thicker.  The thicker hair shaft provides more volume after the transplant which is crucial for people with recipient/donor mismatch; even grey hair can be taken by FUE

With the rise of new and more efficient methods of hair extraction through FUE more options are becoming available to us for expanding the donor hair reserve of balding patients.  Extracting hair from a beard or facial hair extraction can give us a generous source of quality hair that could be used to restore scalp hair.

Facial hair is considered unwanted in many men who shave their faces every day and removing it won’t make any difference in their faces. Many men report spending less time shaving their faces on a regular basis which is a plus for them.


Beard to scalp hair transplant is one of the newest methods of hair transplantation that has been becoming more popular thanks to the advanced techniques of FUE transplantation. ,Very small size punches are used for beard resulting in no scar. The new extraction methods through FUE procedure has helped us be able to harvest beard hair intact and transplant it to the balding areas.
Beard hair is a great source for people with advanced stages of hair loss or the ones that don’t have a good quality donor hair from their scalp.


Facial hair stays in growth phase (anagen) for long periods and goes to resting phase (telogen) for a short time in comparison to hair from other parts of the body.  This means that every transplanted facial hair is going to have a growing hair follicle most of the time.  This allows facial hair to stay in place for a longer time and grow a longer hair shaft which adds to the bulk of transplanted hair.  Thicker hair shaft of beard hair also provides more volume in the transplanted area.

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