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Tricophytic closure

Tricophytic closure

is a technique of closure (suturing) of surgically created wound. After this type of suturing, the hair grows through scar. Presence of  hair in scar  make it less visible.

When hair transplant is done by strip technique (FUT) then there is a linear scar on back side of scalp. Hair do not grow though scar. This seems to be the biggest drawback of strip technique of follicle harvesting.

In tricophytic closure, edge of lower margin of wound is de-epithelised, and then suturing of wound is done. So de epithelised lower margin is covered by upper margin of wound.In de epithelised lower margin follicles stars growing hair. After healing of wound hair comes out through scar. Please note that scar becomes less visible does not means there is no scar at all.

At Rejuvenate hair transplant centre all wounds are closed by tricophytic closure. No extra charges are taken for this.



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