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Are You Ready For a Hair Transplant ?

Hair transplant is the best option for getting back your natural hair. A good result of Hair transplant makes the front profile of the person better and it helps in increasing the confidence. But there are few important things which a person should know before going for hair transplant.

1) You should know about your Surgeon and his academic qualification, His medical degrees are recognised by state medical council or not. At Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center Doctors are well qualified, Plastic Surgeon and also diplomate of American board of hair restoration surgery.They are member of ISHRS,AHRS and AAHRS.

2) What technique he usually does and his experience of that technique. In FUE hair transplant if surgeon is a beginner, there may be more chances of damage to hair roots. For FUT hair transplant, Team of the surgeon who will do follicle dissection should be trained to minimize the follicle transection. They should use microscope. Use of magnification loupe is recommended while implanting follicles. At Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center both FUT and FUE hair transplant is done with equivalent good result.

3) TRANSPLANT UNIT- Does this unit have air conditioners to maintain low room temperature? Does his unit have power back up in case of electricity failure? Cool temperatures are mandatory for hair follicles otherwise damage to precious follicles takes place. Is this unit equipped to manage any unwanted emergency situations? Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Center is well equipped for all the facility.

4)CHARGES — Charges are per hair or per hair follicle units or per square inches. Also enquire about the density of transplanted hair.

You should be realistic about the result you will get; various false claims may confuse you. Keep following things in mind –

  1. Transplanted hairs are permanent, if they are taken from the safe zone of Donor area. But for the temporary hair you need medical treatment, otherwise they may fall.
  2. You may get a reasonably good density by Hair transplant but it is impossible to get the original density of childhood.
  3. You should tell about your diseases and medicines to the hair transplant surgeon.
  4. It will take 3-4 months for transplanted hair to start grow.
  5. For full result 8-10 months are required.
  6. You may need more than one sitting of hair transplant –if you want to increase density, or want to cover more area.
  7. Smoking may alter your result of hair transplant.
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Myths about Hair Transplant

Myths about Hair Transplant

Rejuvenate hair transplant center Indore believes in clearing all doubts in the mind of a person who is going for Hair transplant. Some common myths about hair transplant are–

1) A hair transplant gives you an immediate result.

In Hair transplant we transfer roots from donor area to recipient area .These roots start growing 3-4 months after Hair transplant .Then they grow at the normal rate of 1-1.5 cm per month. Hair transplant whether done by FUT or FUE, if we want 4-6 cm hair growth at least 6 – 8 months are required.

2) Hair transplant cannot be done in Old age.

Age is no bar for Hair transplant; it can be done even in 70 – 80 year old person. The only thing is they must be healthy, or if have any disease like diabetes, asthma, or hypertension must be under control.

3)Hair transplants can be done in men only.

Hair transplant can be done in both sex-male and female. This is true that men suffer from androgenetic alopecia more commonly and that is why Hair transplant is more commonly done in men. In women also hair transplant can be done, FUT hair transplant is preferred in women to avoid full head shaving.

4) Transplanted hairs need lots of care and they may fall.

Transplanted hairs are like your other natural hair with the additional advantage that they do not fall because they are not having receptors for androgen. It should be very clear in mind that they do not need any special care.

6 )Hair transplant gives you original density.

It is very difficult to get original density of age 16 by hair transplant .If area to be transplanted is limited then you may get high density, but in case of progressive hair loss, we have to think for future also .By hair transplant even if we get 50%of natural density ,It gives a look of head full of hair.

7) Frequent washing of hair after hair transplant should be avoided.

Washing of head has no adverse effect on transplanted hair, you may wash your head as many times you want but with ph balanced shampoo.

8 Once hair transplant is done, you will not need it in future.

You may need more sitting of hair transplant in future if –you want to improve your density or want to cover your remaining bald area.


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Why FUT hair transplant should be preferred over FUE hair transplant in young age

Why FUT hair transplant should be preferred over FUE hair transplant in young age?

Rejuvenate hair transplant center Indore is one of those few hair transplant center in India, where both FUT hair transplant and FUE hair transplant is done with equal good result. Rather this center is specialized in doing mega and giga sessions of more than 5000 grafts by combination of FUT ,FUE and body hair transplant.

But the biggest question in the mind of every person going for hair transplant is “what method should be preferred and why, especially in a young patient with advanced grade of baldness”.

In all patients donor area of the scalp is limited; it is like a bank FD which should be used judiciously when needed. Young patients are in the stage of progressive hair loss, they may need more sessions of hair transplant in the future. For maximum utilisation of the donor area, an experienced surgeon who is well trained in both FUT and FUE will prefer to do first hair transplant by FUT. Now if person needs hair transplant in the future remaining donor area is virgin and we can do hair transplant by FUE, if he needs more coverage or wants to improve density beard and chest hair can be used subsequently.

So if a person goes as per surgeons experience and advice ,maximum utilisation of the donor area can be used ,and he may get a head full of hair again even in Grade VII baldness and limited donor area.So plan of the number of grafts and type of technique FUT vs FUE should be customized according to the need of the patient.

FUT is more demanding surgery and needs trained surgeon for strip excision and trained technicians for follicle dissection under microscope, very few centres have these trained staff and surgeon .So these centres prefer to do FUE and a false belief is created in the mind of general public that FUT is old technique, causes lots of pain-which is not true, and because of this now a days maximum people afraid of FUT.But if a person is in habit of keeping his hair short then he should go for FUE.For more detail you can visit our website https://rejuvenatehairtransplant.com You can also look for www.ishrs.org –an authentic website of international association of hair restoration surgeons.

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Can Hair Transplant give natural look?


Can Hair Transplant give natural look?

Hair transplant is a procedure where we transplant hair roots from donor area to the area where there is baldness. These hair roots may have one to four hairs. Implantation of the roots must follow natural pattern. Creation of Hair line is most important; it may be called as signature of hair transplant surgeon. Hairline should be placed according to the age of the patient –too low hair line gives transplanted look. Also low hairline will remain to be there for life long, as we transplant permanent hair here. So as age increases this will result into odd look.

In hair line always implant one hair root –this gives fine and natural look .If two or three hair roots are implanted in the front part of hairline –it is unnatural.

Hairline should be irregular, not a straight line .Hair should be implanted with transition in density from low to high as we go towards midscalp area.

Second important area to be transplanted is frontal forelock, area just behind hairline; it should be implanted with two to three hair roots, in high density.

Fronto temporal angle should be blunt in female, but in male never make it blunt otherwise looks artificial.

We cannot get normal density with hair transplant (80 to 120 follicles per square cm), but even if 50% of this can be achieved it gives natural look.

One thing should be kept in mind that donor hairs are limited, so use them judiciously to give best possible result. At rejuvenate hair transplant center, with the advantage of FUE, we do hair transplant by taking follicles from beard and chest also , beard hairs are thick so they give good volume. This is known as BHT (body hair transplant). We are doing routinely  transplant of 5000 grafts in two days by combination of scalp and beard /chest as a donor. This helps a lot in achieving natural looking result even in grade VII patient.

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Powered hair transplant

POWERED HAIR TRANSPLANT (FUT) Result in a 27 year old patient of 3500 grafts just after 7 Months 10 days.

Here we are presenting a happy patient with the result of Powered hair transplant –

Case history –A young patient of age 27 year from Indore (MP) was on the medical treatment since last 2 years .He was grade IV with large area of baldness in vertex area.

He wants hair transplant for the front as well as vertex in the single sitting. On examination he has good donor area with the density of 92 grafts per square centimeter. His laxity is also good. So we decide to take 3500 grafts by FUT.

Surgery done under local Anesthesia, PRP is also done and grafts were placed in the plasma to provide them biological atmosphere.

Surgery went uneventful and he is discharged in the evening on the same day. Post-operative period was comfortable .We use post op ropivacaine block on the sutured area to reduce discomfort in the immediate post-operative period.

We took regular follow-up of the patient after 24 hours, 10 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and so on.

Patient comes to us with smile on his face after 7 months 10 days as he is happy with the early result, we all know that complete result may take 10 to 12 months so we expect even better for him.

You can compare photographs of the patient-preop, just after operation and post op results of powered hair transplant.


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Washing of scalp after hair transplant-When and How

Washing of scalp after hair transplant-When and How

Hair transplant whether done by FUT or FUE, after care of Hair transplant is same in both the procedure. Most important instruction given to the patients after hair transplant is to take care of the implanted grafts for first 10 days. It is important mainly because grafts take 8 to 10 days’ time to get fixed on the scalp, so if you rub them before this, they may come out and it is the loss of permanent follicle. So scalp must not be itched, scratched or rubbed in this period.

At rejuvenate hair transplant center, we give gentle saline wash just after surgery o that blood drops is removed and washed away. We give instruction to the patients that they should not wash their head for 3 days after hair transplant. After that they can start head wash with plane water but should not rub the scalp with hand or towel . Let the hair dry by themselves.

If you are using shower –pressure of the water flow should be mild.  In this period you may also face problem of itching—you can apply oil drops over scalp without rubbing it. Continue this head wash with water till day 9 post hair transplant.

From the 10 th day of hair transplant we advocate them to use shampoo with providine iodine in it. Now he can rub his scalp gently. As grafts are now fixed. Before washing with shampoo if oil is applied 2hours prior, it will help to remove scabs. Continue this shampoo for 4-5 days. Now after 15 days of Hair transplant you can use any of the ph balanced shampoo.

Hair transplant is a safe surgery, not much of the precautions needed. But it is important that the instructions given by the surgeon be followed carefully during and after the hair transplant process. This is done in order to take care of the implanted grafts and to attain desired results and preventing from any further infection.

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What is hair Transplant ?

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. … This hair transplant procedure is called follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Is hair transplant Permanent Solution for baldness ?

Yes, hair transplantation is a permanent solution to your Baldness. In any hair transplant surgery (whether FUE or FUT), hair roots are taken from the back side of your head (also called as donor area) and planted to your baldness area (also called as the recipient area). Since these hair roots are permanent in nature, the new hair which grows from these planted hair roots, also become permanent. You will never lose them again. Hence hair transplant is a permanent solution.

The hair that grows has a natural look and feel. You can cut, dye or shave them. They will again grow back like your natural hair.

After 1 month of your hair transplantation you may temporarily start losing the transplanted hairs, and may continue for next 2 months. It is followed by permanent growth phase during which hair will continue to grow at normal rate. After the temporary loss phase, your transplanted hair will remain for life long without any medication or maintenance.

How permanent is a Hair Transplant?

Generally speaking, it is well established that a hair transplant is permanent. The hair follicles are taken from areas that are not genetically programmed to fall out such as the back and sides of the scalp. This is called the “Safe Zone”.

Hair transplantation is permanent. Remember though, the hair transplant procedure will not slow the loss non-transplanted hair. Other preventative techniques need to be used to prevent your original hair from being lost including a combination of medications, light therapy, and PRP.

Natural Looking Results :-

The newly transplanted hair is artistically placed to complement the natural growth of the patient’s hairline and facial features, giving the patient the most natural looking results. This approach creates a seamless transition as soft and silky as the original hairline, with results that look completely natural and undetectable.

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Body Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that moves hair follicles from a part of the body called the ‘donor site’ to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. It is primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. … Two techniques are available for hair transplant all over world—FUT & FUE. Biggest advantage of FUE is we can use body hair (beard, chest and Extremities) as donor hair for scalp.

Body Hair Transplant Surgery or “BHT” is an FUE procedure where the grafts (hair follicles) are individually removed by an ultra-fine punch tool from different parts of the patient’s body instead of the back of the scalp.  For example, from the beard, chest, back, arms or legs.it is very useful in advance grade of baldness as donor hair becomes limited in such cases. If beard and chest hair are good, they give very good result. Beard grafts are thick so give better visual impact, chest hair are used to give filling effect in between. So by using combination of scalp, beard and chest we can transplant all the bald area even in grade VII.

It is a very successful and viable procedure for restoring head hair, but there are a few things the Body Hair Transplant Surgery candidate should understand and consider carefully beforehand…for this consult your hair transplant surgeon.

Benefits of Body Hair Transplant Surgery

  1. The body acts as another donor area when the usual donor supply at the back of the head is insufficient.
  2. Most people want to remove the hair on their back, shoulders or chest, so the double benefit of Body Hair Transplant Surgery is that these unwanted hairs can be successfully utilised to thicken the density of hair on the head.
  3. The process is extremely simple and offers desired outcomes that can be achieved, if person wants to get more and more density of hair.
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Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

As such there are no side effects of hair transplant. After hair transplant one may feel slight pain, swelling & itchy scalp for few days only. These can be easily treated with simple medicines.


: There is actually very little pain involved with the actual hair transplant surgery. About half of the people who have the procedure done will not need any pain relievers at all. Most others take a mild pain reliever such as Tylenol for a few days, and that seems to be enough for them.

Itching : 

It is not unusual for itching to occur on areas affected by hair transplant surgery. Yet, it should not last more than a few days. Using shampoo to wash your hair every day will helps with this problem to diminish.

Swelling : 

Just about everyone who has had hair transplant surgery has experienced swelling in the forehead and around the eyes. This lasts for only a few days with the worst being of it appearing on the fourth day. For some, a black eye may result.

Numbness : 

Another common side effect of hair transplant surgery is numbness. Patients typically report feeling numbness for several weeks after the surgery. This is only temporary.

Thinning : 

If you have had hair transplant surgery, you may be alarmed to find that the hair you already had is actually getting thinner. This is a normal post-operative condition and the thickness comes back within a few months after surgery.

Bleeding : 

A side effect of hair transplant surgery may include some bleeding. Putting pressure on the area will usually stop the bleeding. In rare situations, the bleeding does not stop so it might be necessary for the surgeon to do some extra stitching to close the wounds

Hiccups : 

Yes, your read that correctly. Interestingly, one side effect of hair transplant surgery is having a case of the hiccups after the procedure. Only about 5 percent of the patients have this problem, but it can be troublesome if it lasts more than a few days as it can keep you from eating or sleeping properly. If this does occur, doctors have medications they can prescribe to help aide with this.

Infections : 

While rare, infections can also occur with hair transplant surgery. One reason they do not happen more often is that antibiotics are given before and after the procedure to prevent infections from even starting – so don’t get too worried about this possible side effect.

Cysts : 

Cysts can appear in the areas where hair is being transplanted, also called the recipient areas, but they do not usually last more than a few weeks and are rarely more than the size of small pimples.

Scarring : 

If you have keloid scarring after hair transplant surgery, it is probably because you are genetically inclined to have it. Very infrequently, patients have scarring that takes the form of ridges.

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Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

Body hair Transplant is a hair transplant technique in which hair roots are extracted from body areas

other than scalp and implanted on bald area of scalp.”

BHT (Body Hair Transplant) is done using the same FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, so it is also known as No stitch technique. BHT areas can be beard, chest, back, stomach area, legs and arms.BHT is done only in people suffering from extreme baldness, who have very less reserve or very thin hair at the back of their scalp. Thus this technique gives a big ray of hope to even those with severe (Type VI and VII) hair loss.


In any hair transplant procedure normally back side hair of scalp are used in transplant. But in many cases the patients do not have a good donor area to serve the purpose. In such cases, we can use hair from the body e.g. transplant beard to head. At Rejuvenate hair transplant center we are doing BHT routinely in such patients. Some people call this as Beard and chest hair transplant but mostly it means that beard or chest to serve as donor area. Though there is always some difference in texture & thickness of the hair taken from other parts but it actually gives distinct advantage in many cases like:

  •  Limited donor area on scalp (Grade VII patients) looking for covering the complete


  • Sometimes Patient wants higher density but it’s very difficult because of the

limitation of grafts that can be extracted from scalp in one sitting.

  • Some cases like burns etc.

We can use the hair from Beard, Shoulders, Abdomen, Legs, Arms, Underarm. Body hair transplant is generally done through FUE procedure that leaves no linear scar at the end of the surgery. Beard is very good, its hair matches exactly with the scalp hair and also because hair from the beard is considered good and permanent.

Benefits of body hair transplant

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) as a major plus point may become donor hair because they are not genetically DHT susceptible hairs as some of the scalp hairs in MPB (Male Pattern Baldness). People who are suffering from severe baldness, having lost their hope after getting poor results from wrong hair transplant procedure can be very well benefited. It is stitch less technique and no severe pain.


Any patient who want large number of hairs on scalp, poor donor area, have undergone repeated hair transplants, or have caught some kind of alopecia can go for body hair transplant. At Rejuvenate hair transplant center BHT is used for extraction of hair follicles specially for successive stages of hair transplant.


  • BHT technique is possible only in patients who possess good hair on body.
  • Only the FUE method is suitable for harvesting body hair. Body hairs are shorter in length, are thinner and hence their extraction needs special technique and expertise.
  •  BHT technique is a blind technique of harvesting follicles, so there can be chances of follicle damage, depending on experience of surgeon.
  •  In BHT multiple small circular scars are given after extraction of follicles which are not visible.


At Rejuvenate hair transplant center Body hair transplant is done as often as scalp hair transplants. The experience of the team in BHT is important because the direction and texture of hair are different. So the same need to be mixed properly with scalp hair. Growth is fairly predictable at three months. On a rare instance, a poor yield at 12 months changed to an excellent result between the 12 and 24 month time period. Though the use of BHT procedure shows remarkable results, but the right selection of patients is very important. This technique should be reserved only for persons who have extreme baldness and insufficient hair on the back of their scalp .Coverage in general is easier to achieve with scalp hair so this should be the first line of treatment for hair loss.

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