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Advances in hair restoration

Advances in hair restoration
For getting best hair transplant results there should be continuous drive to learn advances in the field of hair restoration. As with any medical field of practice, innovation continues to drive results.
The latest procedures most surgeons are performing are FUE and FUT. Body hair transplant is the biggest advantage of FUE. By using body hair as a donor source, we can get unlimited donor area. Advancement of robotic assistance devices such as the Artas,is there. This is used for graft harvesting. This is too costly as compare to the advantages it provides.
Most recent, Cell Therapy where by activating already existing stem cells on the scalp can improve follicular hair growth
One of the non-surgical treatments is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) where patients’ donor blood is taken and PRP is pulled containing rich growth factors. It is then injected into the scalp to enhance hair growth.


In the medical treatment apart from Finesteride and minoxidil a new drug is being tested currently is Bimatoprost (a prostaglandin receptor stimulator),this is the drug used for the treatment of glaucoma. More studies are needed to prove its efficacy in the treatment of hairloss.
Also low level laser light has been shown to provide results in those patients where they are in the stage of thinning hair and not yet completely bald.
So we need to know all the modalities of treatment for hair loss along with their advantages and drawback so as to apply this knowledge to provide best treatment to your patients.

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