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Our Work

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We are working in following fields of Plastic surgery.

  • PLASTIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY —Reconstruction of damaged , deformed and deficient body parts because of trauma, cancer and congenital causes.

1. Head and neck reconstruction, including all parts of face.
2. Upper and lower extremity reconstruction, including soft tissue cover and repair and reconstruction of neurovascular structures and bone defects. Surgery for Ptosis

  • Vascular surgery— vessel repair and vascular by pass in peripheral vascular diseases
  • Reconstructive microsurgery—vascularise free tissue transfer (muscle, faciocutaneous flaps, bone), replants of hand, leg scalp penis etc.
  • Peripheral nerve surgery—all peripheral nerve repair and nerve reconstruction using cable grafts.
  • Maxillofacial—all maxillofacial injury including panfacial trauma and secondary reconstruction following trauma.
  • Hand surgery—Acute hand injury, replants, soft tissue cover. Burn and burn reconstruction
  • Genitourinary reconstruction—reconstruction of vagina, penis and hymen. sex change, construction of penis, gender correction in hermaphrodite and trans sex cases. Diabetic ulcer foot & bed sore reconstruction
  • AESTHETIC / COSMETIC SURGERY—All cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction, abdominoplasty, face lift, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, body contour surgery
  • HAIR RESTORATION—Micro hair transplant (hair transplant by FUT, hair transplant by FUE,hair transplant by FOX, DHI hair transplant & Robotic FUE), scalp reduction, scalp flap
  • White spots surgery—surgery for vitiligo patches
  • LASER SURGERY—We have IPL, NdYAG 1064, NdYAG 1320, Ultra pulse NdYAG for treatment of various problems like hair reduction, photorejuvenation, acne and acne marks, hyperpigmentation, melasma,naevus of ota,
  • Facial fillers and Botox injections,And various implant for body contouring.
  • Free surgery for poor patients of cleft lip and palate.

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