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Powered Hair Transplant (FUT) Result in a 27 year old patient of 3500 grafts

Here we are presenting a happy patient with the result of Powered hair transplant

Case History –A young patient of age 27 years from Indore (MP) was on the medical treatment since last 2 years. He was grade IV with a large area of baldness in vertex area.

He wants hair transplant for the front as well as a vertex in the single sitting. On examination, he has good donor area with the density of 92 grafts per square centimetre. His laxity is also good. So we decide to take 3500 grafts by FUT.


Surgery done under local Anaesthesia, PRP is also done and grafts were placed in the plasma to provide them biological atmosphere.

Surgery went uneventful and he is discharged in the evening on the same day. Post-operative period was comfortable. We use post-op ropivacaine block in the sutured area to reduce discomfort in the immediate post-operative period.


We took regular follow-up of the patient after 24 hours, 10 days, 1 month, 3month, 6month and so on.

A patient comes to us with a smile on his face after 7 months 10 days as he is happy with the early hair transplant result, we all know that complete result may take 10 to 12 months so we expect even better for him.


You can compare photographs of the patient-preop, just after the operation and post-op results of powered hair transplant.

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Hair Transplant Result For Facial Scar-1(Cleft Lip Scar)

Results of Hair Transplant are very good for the Scars on the face in the hair bearing area like moustache, Beard and Eye brows.

One of the most common causes for scar on upper lip is post-operative scar of cleft lip. Even after repetitive surgeries for scar revision it cannot be corrected 100%.In the area of scar hair cannot grow and this distorts moustache of a man.

Now with the advances in the hair restoration surgeries this can be very well corrected by hair transplant in the area of scar. Hair root can be taken from the beard or scalp. If we take roots from Beard ,FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) is done by using very small size punch (0.75-0.8mm).Such small size of Punch leaves no scar on the donor area.

From the scalp Hair roots can be taken by both FUT and FUE. We generally prefer FUE as there is no need of suturing in FUE and this gives impression of less invasive surgery to patient.

Here you can see result of the hair transplant in a young patient with Cleft Lip scar, who has gone for three surgeries for scar correction, comes to Dr. Anil Garg for his distorted Moustache, and was very much disturbed because of this. We plan for Hair transplantation in the scar. Hair roots are taken from the scalp by FUE method. 250 grafts were taken and implantation is done. Procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Patient was very happy with the procedure. No extra precaution were needed in the post-operative period. He had resumed his work from the next day.

Result of hair transplant start coming after four months and complete result takes at least 10 to 12 months. We can compare photographs of the patient  before and after surgery, and can very well appreciate the difference. Such type of correction for the facial scar increases the confidence level of the person to a great extent.

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How Hair Transplant can Change Life of a Person

Here is an interesting case history of a young boy, who was very much depressed because of his hair loss and low density of hair.

How Hair transplant can change life of a person - Result 1

At Rejuvenate hair transplant center, we do combo technique of FUT and FUE and 3000 grafts were implanted. Here is the result after 13 months of hair Transplant.

How Hair transplant can change life of a person - Result 2 How Hair transplant can change life of a person - Result 3


Now he is a totally changed personality with lots of energy, enthusiasm and passion for his work. So hair transplant acts as a boon for him.

How Hair transplant can change life of a person - Result 4

Case history– On examination –It was a case of male Androgenetic alopecia.

Hair line is receded very much. Facial fame was disturbed and he needs a good hairline to improve his facial features. At Rejuvenate Hair transplant center, our prime focus is to build a natural looking Hairline. Now after hair transplant his facial profile is changed altogether, and this is responsible for his increased confidence.

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