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Hair Transplant in India

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Best Hair Transplant in India

In India, 35% of a young population of age groups up to 25 years is suffering from Hair loss, which is very high incidence.

  • Loss of self-confidence and matrimonial are two major cause in mind which force them to undergo a hair transplant.
  • The technique of hair transplant is basically two types FUT and FUE hair transplant. Your surgeon should know both techniques because both techniques are good.
  • Now recent trend in hair transplant in India is to harvest hair from a beard, chest leg etc. this hair when implanted over scalp grow as normal hair does. This is known as Body Hair Transplant BHT.

Why Hair Transplant in India

In India, the transplant technical abilities are equal to any other country in the world provided done at proper Best hair transplant centre which is run by qualified experienced hair transplant surgeons.

Another factor is a cost of hair transplant, the cost is very low as compared to other countries. So like other cosmetic surgeries, medical tourism is increasing for hair transplant also. Personal care and attention are given to all the patients in India in a much better way as compared to other countries.

Also because of more number of surgeries in India Experience of the surgeon and his team is good.

Some of best doctor for the Hair transplant is now International faculty and fellow of ISHRS. Also, they are an examiner of a most prestigious exam in a field of hair transplant i.e. ABHRS. Dr Anil Garg, Director of Rejuvenate hair transplant centre is one of them.

So hair transplant is on rising trend in India with great success in our experienced qualified surgeon’s hand.

The Popular Methods of Hair Transplantation in India

Three Method – FUT,  FUE, BHT 

The technique of hair transplant is basically two types FUT and FUE hair transplant. Your surgeon should know both techniques because both techniques are good.

FUE Method

– also known as Follicular unit extraction. This is the most popular method in today’s time. It has following advantages-
1) It is less invasive method-no linear cut is given and hence not required suturing.

2) The linear scar is not formed at the back of scalp so if a person wants to keep his hair short scar not seen.

3) The postoperative sensation of pain and stretching is negligible.

4) The most important benefit is we can extract hair from areas other than scalp also like the beard, chest, abdomen or extremities. This is BODY hair transplant (BHT).

BHT Method

– In case of poor donor area or in the higher grade of baldness hair roots can be extracted from areas other than scalp -beard, chest leg etc.

It also helps in doing the transplant for Grade VI and VII patients, Number of grafts which can be transplanted becomes much more with this technique. Mega sessions and Giga sessions are now in routine practice at rejuvenate hair transplant centre India because of the advantage of this technique.

FUT Method

– Also known as Strip method, a linear scar is formed so hair of the back of scalp should be kept long.

1) Post-operative discomfort is little more.A strip of skin is removed so stretching sensation is also more.but settles in a day or two.

2) The advantage of this method is hair roots are extracted from the safest zone of the scalp.

3) The disadvantage is BHT (extraction of hair roots other than scalp area is not possible).

Powered Hair Transplant

– This is the procedure developed at rejuvenate hair transplant centre, where Hair Transplant is powered by –

1) Keeping grafts in Plasma.This helps in providing the biological atmosphere to the grafts outside the body and helps in providing the good result.

2) PRP is given to promote the growth of existing hair as well as transplanted roots by providing various growth factors.

3) No touch to root technique is used for implantation to prevent micro damage to hair roots.

Direct Hair Transplant (DHT)

– In this method hair, roots are simultaneously implanted after extraction, so the out of body time for grafts is negligible and this helps in reducing ischemia time and improves growth of the transplanted hair.

At our Centre, DHT is done for beard and chest hairs as they are more sensitive to ischemia.

Facial Hair Transplant

 – Facial hair transplant is done for the Beard, moustache, eyebrow, and scars on the hair-bearing area of the face –cleft lip, burn etc. In young population recent fashion is to keep the beard. Virat Kohli and Shahid Kapoor are examples.

Qualification of Doctor and His Team

Hair Transplant is the surgery which you want for your pleasure, to add to your personality and to gain your self-confidence. If you will not get good result of it then not only you feel cheated in terms of money but it will also hurt you deeply.

Qualification and experience of the surgeon is the key to get successful hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant in India can be done by Plastic surgeons and any other surgeon with proper training of hair restoration. It cannot be done by dentists, Ayurveda or homoeopath doctors, you should inquire for it before going for hair transplant, it should be very clear to you who are going to operate you and what are his previous results.At rejuvenate hair transplant centre both of the surgeons are well qualified and are the diplomate of the American board of hair restoration surgery.

A dedicated trained team is the one who works as the full-timer with the surgeon, and it involves cost. You should also inquire about the availability of the team members and their qualification.

Hair Transplant Centre/Clinic

Well-equipped Hair transplant centre is also the requirement for a good hair transplant procedure. It should have all the facilities to deal with emergency conditions. The centre should be registered by the CHMO of the state and should have all the facility to maintain proper hygiene.

Location of the centre is also a factor in deciding the cost of hair transplant. In Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities it is more as compared to smaller cities like Indore and Bhopal.

We Provide the Best Hair Transplant Service to our Customer with trust and We are happy. So hair transplant is on rising trend with great success in with our experienced qualified surgeon’s hand.

The Cost of Hair Transplant in India

Before going for hair transplant the most common question is the cost of hair transplant, there is a lot of advertisement telling Hair transplant @ Rs 1 or unlimited hair transplant @Rs 50000. Such type of advertisements are misleading and you may get trapped for cheap hair transplant.

Factors deciding the cost of hair transplant in India – Cost of hair transplant varies from 30 rs to 80 rs per graft. Cost depends on the location of hair transplant centre and qualification of the surgeon. Usually, the cost is more in metro cities.

How to Calculate Hair Graft

Grafts requirement of a person depends on the grade of baldness and his expectation of the density after transplant. Normally front four finger area of the scalp requires around 3000 grafts for giving reasonable density. Similarly, the mid-scalp area up to crown again requires 3000 grafts. Crown area is very demanding and also it requires more or less 2500 to 3000 grafts. So in a grade, VII patient around 8-9000 grafts are required for reasonable coverage.

In a safe zone of the scalp with an average density of 70-90 hair roots per square cm, there are normally 16-18000 of grafts.Beard and chest grafts can also be taken if the demand for the density of the person is more.

Why Choose us for Best Hair Transplant in India

  • Rejuvenate Centre is Equipped with most modern equipment and emergency care management of Best Hair Transplant. It is registered by Health authorities.
  • Hair transplant by most qualified Hair transplant surgeons. (MCI recognized, ISHRS member, Diplomate of American board – ABHRS, International faculty for hair transplant).
  • Two highly qualified surgeons, both are Diplomate ABHRS are working simultaneously at our centre so a time of surgery is reduced to a great extent with promising results.
  • Mega and Giga sessions are the speciality of Rejuvenate hair transplant centre so even a grade VII patient get a good result.
  • Designing of natural looking, Aesthetic Hairline.
  • Custom made the planning of Best hair transplant – Includes the proper combination of FUE, BHT, FUT, and Powered Hair transplant.
  • Use of Specialized graft holding solution (Plasma as a graft holding solution).
  • Complimentary PRP during transplant to promote the growth of existing as well as transplanted grafts.
  • No touch to root technique for implantation to avoid micro damage to hair roots so as to give the early and most successful outcome of Hair transplant India.
  • Easy Finance facility available.