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Hair Transplant in India

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Cost of Hair Transplant in India and Surgeon vs USA or any other Advanced Countries

hair transplant result of Salman Khan - Rejuvenate

  • In India, the transplant technical abilities are equal to any other country in the world provided done at proper Best hair transplant centre in India which is run by qualified experienced hair transplant surgeons.
  • Another factor is a cost of hair transplant, the cost is very low as compared to other countries. So like other cosmetic surgeries, medical tourism is increasing for hair transplant also.
  • Some of best doctor for the Hair transplant is now International faculty and fellow of ISHRS. Also, they are an examiner of a most prestigious exam in a field of hair transplant i.e. ABHRS. Dr Anil Garg, Director of Rejuvenate hair transplant centre is one of them.

We Provide the Best Hair Transplant Service to our Customer with trust and We are happy. So hair transplant is on rising trend with great success in with our experienced qualified surgeon’s hand.

This data was analysed at Rejuvenate hair transplant centre. The data collected at Rejuvenate hair transplant Center about vitamin status is also very shocking. More than 90% patients attending Rejuvenate hair transplant outdoor shows vitamins deficiency.

Correction of deficiencies along with minoxidil and finasteride improves them to great extent. PRP (platelet rich therapy) and hair growth lasers are also beneficial. But if a grade of baldness is more hair transplant is the treatment of choice along with the medical treatment.

Latest Trend Hair Transplantation in India

Hair Transplant in India front result 3150 graft - Rejuvenate

Hair Transplant in India top result 3150 graft - Rejuvenate

In India, 35% of a young population of age groups up to 25 years is suffering from Hair loss, which is very high incidence.

  • Loss of self-confidence and matrimonial are two major cause in mind which force them to undergo a hair transplant.
  • The technique of hair transplant is basically two types FUT and FUE hair transplant. Your surgeon should know both techniques because both techniques are good.
  • Now recent trend in hair transplant in India is to harvest hair from a beard, chest leg etc. this hair when implanted over scalp grow as normal hair does. This is known as Body Hair Transplant BHT.

Specialties of Best Doctor for Hair Transplant India

Hair Transplant in India front result 3200 graft - Rejuvenate

Hair Transplant in India Top Result 3200 graft - Rejuvenate

  • Rejuvenate Centre is Equipped with most modern equipment and emergency care management of Best Hair Transplant. It is registered by Health authorities.
  • Hair transplant by most qualified Hair transplant surgeons. (MCI recognized, ISHRS member, Diplomate of American board – ABHRS, International faculty for hair transplant).
  • Two highly qualified surgeons, both are Diplomate ABHRS are working simultaneously at our centre so a time of surgery is reduced to a great extent with promising results.
  • Mega and Giga sessions are the speciality of Rejuvenate hair transplant centre so even a grade VII patient get a good result.
  • Designing of natural looking, Aesthetic Hairline.
  • Custom made the planning of Best hair transplant – Includes the proper combination of FUE, BHT, FUT, and Powered Hair transplant.
  • Use of Specialized graft holding solution (Plasma as a graft holding solution).
  • Complimentary PRP during transplant to promote the growth of existing as well as transplanted grafts.
  • No touch to root technique for implantation to avoid micro damage to hair roots so as to give the early and most successful outcome of Hair transplant India.
  • Easy Finance facility available.
  • Free Consultation on Whats app and Skype, Email, and Phone.


Hair-transplant-is-only-way-to-get-back -natural-result

Hair Loss & Fall Treatment, Hair Care Tips

The problem of hair loss has increased many folds, especially in younger age group.

  • Change in lifestyle has played a major role. Increasing stress, competition and uncertainty of future keeps young mind burning.
  • Another cause is food adulteration in our country. Much survey tells every third milk sample is adulterated. WHO data about the pesticides in Indian food article is shocking.
  • The third is pollution both in water and air which increases toxins affecting hair root.
  • Although the major cause of hair loss is – male hormone and genetic predisposition.

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