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Hair Transplant Cost In India

What is the cost of hair transplant

Hair transplant cost in india

This is almost always the first question asked when a patient calls about hair transplantation.  The answer is not always simple but is usually based on how many grafts are needed or can be harvested.

The cost differs from doctor to doctor and the cost will vary depending on several factors: technique (FUE vs. FUT), location, and experience of your hair transplant surgeon, and how big your session is just to mention a few. In general FUE is more expensive that the strip method or FUT technique. Most doctors charge per grafts however, the cost depends on many factors mainly it depends on where you have it done, the technique for harvesting and the number of grafts. Other important factor is the experience and training of the Plastic Surgeon doing the procedure. Also the cost of your hair transplant procedure depends on the degree/grade of hair loss.

hair transplant cost in india
There are two primary techniques for hair transplantation the strip technique and the follicular unit extraction technique.  Historically, the FUE technique has costed almost double of the strip technique.

One should be careful when searching for your surgeon as some hair transplant surgeons have no true surgical experience and have just added this to their family practice or dermatology practice without true surgical experience or training in sterile technique. Many doctors doing the transplant are not even surgeons.so you should be careful when you choose your hair transplant surgeon.

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