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hair transplant by FUE


  • In Hair Transplant by FUT more number (more then 3000) of follicles can be harvested in one sitting while this may not be possible in Hair Transplant by FUE.
  • In Hair Transplant by FUT strip harvesting follicle dissection is done under direct vision using magnification so chances of follicle damage are very negligible. While Hair Transplant by FUE is blind technique of harvesting follicles, so there are more chances of follicle damage.
  • In Hair Transplant by FUT you get a linear scar which is almost invisible (tricophytic closure) while there is no linear scar in Hair Transplant by FUE. But multiple small circular scars are given after extraction of follicles using circular punch. If we calculate total length of multiple circular scars for 1000 follicles for 1mm punch it will be 31.4 cm ( 1000multiplied by 3.14) while in strip technique it is around 12.5 cm ( in density of 80 follicles per sq cm.) long only.
  • In Hair Transplant by FUE we can harvest body hair follicles while it is not possible in Hair Transplant by FUT. This is greatest advantage of Hair Transplant by FUE.
  • Hair Transplant by FUE is good procedure for small number of follicles to be transplanted like for beard, moustaches and for successive stages of hair transplant.
  • Usually cost of Hair Transplant by FUE is much more then Hair Transplant by FUT because it involves more time and expensive disposables to be used in this technique.

For more detail you can visit site of International Society of Hair Restoration Click Here

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