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Hair Transplant Surgeon – Dr. Anil K. Garg

Dr. Anil Garg – Hair Transplant Surgeon, passed his master’s degree (MS) in General surgery and super specialization (MCh) in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery from SMS, Jaipur, India. He is Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS).

He visited CGMH, Tepai, Taiwan to do a fellowship in Microvascular surgery under the guidance of Dr. Fu Chen Wei and Dr. Hung Chi Chen. Then he did a fellowship in Peripheral nerve surgery under Dr. Julia Terzis at Eastern Virginia Medical College, Norfolk, USA. Since 1990 he is in the field of plastic surgery. During his journey, he touched many milestones of Plastic surgery.

Dr. Anil Garg has vast experience of Plastic and reconstructive surgery, microvascular surgery including replants, free tissue transfer, peripheral nerve surgery. He has extensive experience of salvage of severely crushed limbs. He does maxillofacial surgery, cancer reconstruction, vascular surgery, hand surgery and all cosmetic surgery procedures. He has a special interest in micro-hair transplant. He is using NdYAG and IPL to treat the aging face, hair reduction, scars. He does penis construction and sex change surgery. He is attached to most prestigious international charitable organization‘ Smile Train’ and is operating poor patients with cleft lip and cleft palate free of cost.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon for Effective Surgery

To be a good ethical hair transplant surgeon two things are mandatory. First is qualification and another is adequate experience in the field of hair transplant/restoration. His medical qualification shall be recognized by Medical Council of India and he should be eligible to operate also. Although hair transplant is a minor surgery it needs very high quality of precision and concept of aesthetics. Many times surgeon is well qualified but he does not have enough exposure to hair transplant. Dr. Anil Garg is masters in General surgery, superspecialized in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, Diplomate, of the American board of hair restoration and Fellow of International society of hair restoration. He is also international teaching faculty.

Why Need Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is a big question for a person who has lost his hair and when he looks in the mirror he finds himself that he is bald. Now it is an era of the selfie.The mobile camera has made person more image conscious. Loss of hair leads to distortion in self-image which leads to loss of self-confidence and person is not able to perform what he is supposed to.

Hair restoration field involves two things. First is the management of ongoing hair loss. A person does not become bald overnight. Gradually his hair becomes shorter and thinner and ultimately his hair is lost and he becomes bald. So it is very important to treat scientifically hair loss. The Rejuvenate hair transplant centre has developed a very scientific, effective and ethical treatment of hair loss which is called as “Rejuvenate Hair Regime”.

Another is hair transplant for his bald area of the scalp. For hair transplant, permanent hair follicles are taken from donor areas like the back side of scalp, beard, chest and another body area.

At Rejuvenate hair transplant centre the “Powered Hair Transplant” PHT is done. In the powered hair transplant hair follicles are kept in Autologous plasma and PRP is also done. All follicles are implanted by “no touch to root” technique. This gives faster and better quality of hair growth.

Dr.Garg’s philosophy to treat a patient is “Nothing is impossible; it is you and you who can make it possible.” with scientific approach, motherly touch and spiritual feeling you can solve any problem. You put your 100% into it and at the end “all is well”.

Dr. Seema Garg
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