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Nose is most important structure of our Face & beauty nose is an organ of breathing.

Had Cleopatra’s nose been a few millimetres shorter the history of the world would have been different. A deformed nose draws attention to your face that cannot be compensated for by any amount of make up or jewellery. Rhinoplasty or surgery to reshape the nose, is one of the most common & most difficult of all cosmetic facial surgery procedures.


Rhinoplasty is as much art as it is science and you need to put your faith in the right artist to get results that make you healthy and happy. Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip caused by birth defects or injury Rhinoplasty is any cosmetic surgery to the nose. Most commonly, the procedure reshapes and resizes the nose. In some instances, rhinoplasty may also correct breathing problems. The procedure often alters nose size in relation to the rest of the face, the width of the bridge, the appearance of humps or depressions, the position of the nasal tip, the size of the nostrils, and asymmetry During rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes incisions to access the bones and cartilage that support the nose. The incisions are usually made inside the nose so that they are invisible after the surgery.

Depending on the desired result, some bone and cartilage may be removed, or tissue may be added (either from another part of the body or using a synthetic filler). After the surgeon has rearranged and reshaped the bone and cartilage, the skin and tissue is red raped over the structure of the nose. A splint is placed outside the nose to support the new shape of the nose as it heals.

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